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Immigration is one of the hottest issues in the United States. Every day, thousands make the journey from Central and South America for an attempt at a better life. In fact, there are nearly 6,000 immigrants apprehended at America’s southern border every day.

However, not everything is as it seems at the border. The vast majority of immigrants are fleeing violence and discrimination in their home country. They are legally pursuing asylum in the United States.

The right immigration lawyer makes all the difference in fighting for your residency. Read on to learn all about choosing immigration lawyers. Explore four factors to consider so that you can hire the best lawyer.

1. Experience

The most important factor in choosing an immigration lawyer is that he or she possesses the right experience. You need a qualified and successful attorney to ensure you win the case.

For example, your attorney should be knowledgeable about the differences in state vs. federal immigration law. Depending on what state you were apprehended in, the state’s laws are important to your case. Texas law is not the same as New Mexico and other border states.

Before hiring an attorney, make sure to verify their credentials. Ask about their educational background and immigration case experience. You want to select a lawyer with a long track record of success.

2. Positive References and Reviews

There is a wealth of information online about potential candidates. The best news is that references and reviews can be accessed via your mobile device. A simple Google search on an attorney’s name or firm is going to lead you in the right direction.

You want to hire an immigration lawyer that has positive customer testimonials. A high volume of satisfied customers is going to give you confidence going into your case.

3. Lawyer Fees

Every person has a budget when searching for a lawyer. This is especially true when it comes to immigrants detained by the U.S. CBP. In most cases, they are fleeing their home country and have little financial resources.

This is why comparing lawyer fees is so important. For starters, you cannot hire a lawyer that is unaffordable. Doing so may leave you defenseless when legal representation matters the most.

The best strategy is to find a lawyer with the right mix of experience and affordability. Each potential candidate should be upfront about their legal fees. Ask them to break down all potential legal costs so there are no surprise fees.

4. Chemistry

Before hiring a lawyer, it is valuable to sit down and receive a legal consultation. Of course, you want to gauge the merits of your immigration case. A good lawyer will advise you on your prospects to win.

Also, the consultation provides an opportunity to see if chemistry exists between both sides. You want to hire a lawyer that is compassionate and believes in your case.

Key Factors for Choosing Immigration Lawyers

Do not give up on your quest for a new life in the United States. Instead, hire an immigration lawyer that can help you secure legal residency.

Factors like experience and positive references are critical. If you enjoyed this article about key factors when choosing immigration lawyers, check out our blog for more great content.

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